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Next up on the [community profile] poetree round-ups is the round up for the week of February 5-11. It was almost a hiatus week, but the fabulous [personal profile] goneahead was kind enough to step up and pitch hit for the week. We thank her kindly for doing so, and for sharing some wonderful poems.

Poetry host [personal profile] goneahead's posts and associated poems:

Intro post
-poem: "Regarding Her Cancer"

First Stop - Korean Poetry
-poems: Two Sijos by Hwang Chin-i
-poems: Anonymous "Songs" translated by Joan Grisby

Second Stop - Poland
-poem: 16th MAY 1973 by Wislawa Szymborska, trans. Adam Czerniawski
-poem: Untitled by Rafal Wojaczek , trans. Wlodek Fenrych
-poem: Untitled by Marzanna Bogumila Kielar trans. Wlodek Fenrych
-poem: On the Day the World Ends by Czeslaw Milosz, trans. by Anthony Milosz

Third Stop - Americas
-poem: I Will Kiss Your Mouth by Ah Bam translated by John Curl
-poem: The Mourning Song of the Poor Motherless Orphan by Ah Bam translated by John Curl

Highlights from the comments:

A fun discussion between [personal profile] ariestess and [personal profile] goneahead on Asian poetic short forms, specifically the additive quality of the tanka.

[personal profile] meeks wonders about reading poems in their original language versus reading them in a translated form.

[personal profile] alee_grrl shares the cultural lesson she found most valuable while living abroad in response to the question [personal profile] goneahead posed in zirs intro post.


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