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There are two days left in our microfundraiser. So far we have raised 22% of our goal. Huge thank yous and loads of hugs go out to everyone who has donated or signal boosted. I cannot express how much it is appreciated.

Heather is doing a bit better. Her upstairs neighbors who were killing her with their pot and meth smoke have been evicted. So she is able to sleep in her apartment again for now. We are still trying to find her a better living space though as she should not have to worry about how to control her neighbors and be in constant fear of similar behaviors.

Answers to some questions that have not been asked, but that may be floating around out there. )

Signal boosting is still appreciated! Thanks so much everyone!
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So yesterday I posted about a microfundraiser that my friend paganaidd and I are doing. We are trying to raise $1000 in 7 days, which may seem kind of ridiculous. But the situation is critical. Heather is disabled, so her only income in her disability check. She cannot stay in her apartment anymore do to her Multiple Chemical Sensitivities caused by long term carbon monoxide poisoning. Her doctor has essentially told her that she would be better off homeless, in northeastern Vermont in fall (which would feel like winter to some of my southern friends--tonight's low is supposed to be 40 degrees Fahrenheit) than to stay in her apartment, which is killing her. We are trying to raise money to get her into safe and healthy housing. Essentially we are looking to pay the security deposit and first month's rent) because there is no way she can save up enough from her disability checks to cover those. Rent is astronomically expensive in Vermont considering its rural nature. I pay more for a studio here than I would for an apartment of equal size in Spokane, WA. Her family is not helpful at this point. So we are doing our best to help where we can.

Heather is a friend and someone that paganaidd and I know in real life. We've been wracking our brains trying to figure out how to help her. Heather cannot come to live with either of us do to the fact that neither of us live in a situation that would be safe to someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (the slightest hint of fragrance or chemicals can make Heather violently ill, to the point of passing out). This is what we are trying to get Heather into.

Several of my friends have stepped up and offered donations as incentives, which is amazingly awesome. Unfortunately we (paganaidd and I) are having difficulty adding those incentives to the microfunding site. Since we have such a short turnaround on this, I would like to thank you all very much for your kind offers and request that instead you simply boost the signal where you can. Boosting the signal can help just as much as cool incentives.

If you can spare a dollar, please consider it. Donations can be made here. If you can't spare anything, but are willing to boost the signal that would be amazingly appreciated. I apologize for spamming my dwircle/flist, and thank you for your time and patience.
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My friend paganaidd and I are doing a microfunding drive to help our friend Heather find safe housing.

Heather is a gifted teacher, writer, artist and all around brilliant woman who has had her whole world taken from her by carbon monoxide poisoning. As I write this she is facing homelessness due to the resultant multiple chemical sensitivity--she literally cannot stay in her apartment anymore. The chemicals are so toxic to her that her doctor has told her that she would be better off living in a tent rather than continue to live around people who smoke.

Heather's only income is her disability check. Couch surfing is not something she can safely do with her sensitivities. Mold, formaldehyde off gassing and smoke are her biggest enemies, followed closely by cleaning chemicals, air fresheners and "Fragrance".

She needs a home. In the short term, a building that doesn't allow smoking, preferably an older building that isn't off gassing chemicals. Read more... )


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