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We had an absolute house full over the holidays, and it was very nice to see everyone. We had several games of Cards Against Humanity, which is like a much more twisted version of Apples to Apples. It was wickedly fun. We saw "The Hobbit" on Christmas day, and several of us went to see "Into the Woods" on Saturday. Both were enjoyable, though I was a bit frustrated with the editing/storytelling choices for "Into the Woods." I would like to see "The Hobbit" again as I'm sure I missed a whole bunch of details. I'm not exactly in a critical mood regarding my entertainment right now, so if you want a thoughtful critique of either film I'm probably not the best to ask.

Everyone left for their own homes on Sunday, and so things are slowly returning to routine around here. It is strange to have such a quiet house after so much activity, but nice as well. I used the Amazon gift card I got for Christmas to finally buy the complete Cowboy Bebop series on DVD as well as the movie. I've been eyeballing both for a very long time. I already have most of the soundtrack. :)
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Today I gave in and signed up for a Hulu plus account because the things that I am most interested in watching right now are not available for streaming anywhere else (at least not the most recent episodes).

Am still madly in love with the show Forever. It's not the best writing but the acting is solid and the story is fun. I am also enjoying the dynamic between Henry (the main character) and everyone else. I am glad to hear that ABC has ordered more episodes and that this show will have a full season. It's a long shot that it will get renewed for a second season, but I can hope.

I'm currently catching up on Agents of SHIELD, which I was four or five episodes behind on. There is also Sleepy Hollow and Mysteries of Laura. I am apparently in the mood for shows that do not take themselves to seriously. :D

The other thing that has made me ridiculously happy is the continuation of [ profile] Koyote19's In the Mouth of Madness. Several new chapters have been posted and the story continues to be amazing. If you have not read it, be warned that it and it's prequel have many dark themes and some very graphic content. Madness is not yet finished, but it is active again, which is awesome. Both are incredibly well-written and this has been among my favorite stories/series for about a decade now.

Also happy making are cuddles with animals, Christmas cards from friends, and tea.
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I have stuff that needs doing, but it can wait til a bit later in the week. Right now I think I'm just going to continue vegging out and resting. Not sure when I last watched so much tv (or the internet equivalent). :) Am all caught up on current seasons of Sleepy Hollow, and Agents of SHIELD. Or at least as caught up as one can be without having a cable provider account. I am still kind of mad about the fact that I have to have a cable provider to access the most recent episode of a broadcast television series. Although once I go back to work I'll end up a week or two behind anyway. So it'll all come out in the wash. :)

Also caught up on Forever a new crime procedural with a supernatural twist (guy who cannot die) which I got hooked on while staying with my Dad. Not sure what I might watch today. Got a ton of things in both my Netflix and Amazon Prime queues, so there is no shortage of things to watch.

Also, Hawkeye: L.A. woman, aka Kate Bishop and Lucky the dog have adventures in L.A., was phenomenal. The only problem was that I finished it and wanted Vol. 4 of the series immediately. I haven't been so tempted to resubscribe to an ongoing monthly comic series in years. I may have to play with reading digital comics on the iPad I inherited, because I will not start collecting paper copies again. They are way to much of a pain to store.

Tomorrow I shall have to think about starting in on my errands, including going over to get blood drawn as it's been a while since I had my thyroid, iron levels, and other metabolic work-ups done. Don't really want to even think about blood draws today, so distractions and rest it is.

In cool news, I will be speaking on a student panel on Asexuality (via video chat) at Vermont Law School for Asexual Awareness Week. That will be at 6:30 tomorrow evening, so hopefully I will have found some spoons by then. :)


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