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My dear friend, [personal profile] lizcommotion, and her partner need some help. They're looking to movie out of their current situation, which is very stressful and unhealthy for both them and their two cats. The goal is to move to Boston. I've copied [personal profile] lizcommotion's post to explain in better detail what they need. Please feel free to signal boost.

As my partner has an unconventional work history and we're moving from far away, we think it would be easier for us to get an apartment (to share) and also for her to get work if she did so from within Boston.

Ergo, our plan is for her to go to Boston ahead of time (preferably the month of August) and temp/apartment-hunt. My partner is hoping to rent a room or a couch or a something for that month for approximately $400 so we can sock more into savings.

If you are a Boston person interested in such an arrangement (for even part of the month), or know someone who is, we would much rather work out something with a dreamwidth or fandom-associated person than sorting through Craigslist. That's step two, but y'know, Craigslist *can* be sketchy and it takes awhile to sort the wheat from the chaff.

FWIW, my partner is the "neat one" in our relationship, and she promises to clean up her sleeping stuff if it's in a common area and stay out of the apartment during the day if you need private time. She really just needs a safe spot to sleep, stash her stuff, and use the shower during her month-long temp-and-apartment-hunt thing. She's also a really nommy cook, if home-cooking is appealing to you.

You can reach me through DM or lizcommotion (at) gmail etc.

Signal boosts also appreciated. (And yes, I'm flagging RFM.)
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Some of you may be familiar with [personal profile] paganaidd's fan-fiction, which is incredible and I highly recommend it all. She is an excellent writer and packs a lot of great stuff into her stories. I'm delight to say that she is also working on an original novel and has entered an excerpt of that novel in the Echos of Another World writing contest over on Inkitt.

In All the In Between Places is phenomenal. If you like things that meld modern times and events with myth, magic and the otherworldly, then please check this out. This is the review that I left on the story itself:

"Each of the little vignettes is potent and powerful, though that last one was the one that really punched me in the gut. A very good introduction to a world that is a bit more than it seems with tantalizing glimpses of how magic, gods, and other worldly creatures would interact with our modern world. A very solid start for a novel."

If you read it and enjoy it, please feel free to share it with others. Thank you.
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[personal profile] kaberett is hosting a love meme over on their journal. It's a great opportunity to nominate someone you think could use a little extra love right now, and to give a little extra love to others.
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[community profile] poetree is hosting its next community themed week starting on Monday, March 31. There are plenty of spots open if you are interesting participating as host. You can also participate by commenting on posts as the week goes. These weeks are usually a lot of fun.

POETREE @ Dreamwidth: Stitches in Time: Exploring Perceptions of Time through Poetry: March 31st - April 5th

What's the time? Depends on who you ask — and where you're standing. Sign up now to participate, March 31st - April 5th @ [community profile] poetree.
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[personal profile] jjhunter is hosting a words and deeds love meme and it is a great way to share some words of love and support across the internet. Please do read the guidelines and be mindful that as [personal profile] jjhunter says in this post:

The other gift I would ask of everyone is understanding that love memes are not unambiguously happy and positive things for everyone at all times, just as many things associated with love and relationships can be complicated. (Does this surprise you? Check out the resource roundup post: Love, Pride, and Ambiguity - Recommended Readings).

Anyway I encourage folks to check the meme out. It can be a powerful and wonderful thing. If you need a little love, or know someone who does, pass it on.

Words and Deeds Love Meme 4: Jan. 18th - Feb. 2nd; Hosted by J.J. Hunter at Dreamwidth
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November always sparks a lot of contemplative thinking for me, particularly as my birthday approaches. Fittingly enough my birthday kicks off [community profile] poetree's next community week which is set around the theme of remembrance and memorial. It seemed appropriate that I sign up for the Monday, November 18th post. I'm going to be writing about birthdays as memorial and how November is always a strange mix of celebration and grief for me.

I have several poems brewing right now, particularly with all the memories that are often stirred up around this time of year. My initial thought was to do one long poem, but after a bit of writing and reflection I realized that I want to explore some things more fully. I decided to start off with an etheree to get my poetic juices flowing again.

November's Child
Read more... )
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POETREE @ Dreamwidth: Fragments of Sappho: September 16th - 21st

Exploring fragment 16 in depth, in translation and (re)imagination. Sign up now to participate, September 16th - 21st @ [community profile] poetree.
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POETREE @ Dreamwidth: Emotional Intimacy: June 17th - 22nd

In honor of QUILTBAG pride month, [community profile] poetree is hosting a community themed week on 'Emotional Intimacy'. Sign up to share your thoughts or creative efforts June 17th - 22nd.
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POETREE @ Dreamwidth: The poetry of Dr. Seuss: May 27th - June 1st

Write a Dr. Seuss-style poem, record a tongue twister, discuss your favorites, and more - Monday, May 27th through Saturday, June 1st @ [community profile] poetree
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As many of you know my friend [personal profile] paganaidd has does a lot of work helping others. In addition to being an EMT on her local volunteer fire department, she has also served as a medical volunteer in both Haiti and New Jersey. She has done a lot of work in raising awareness and funds/goods for others. For example, she (and I) hosted a fundraiser for her friend Heather with MCS who desperately needed safe chemical free housing. The fundraiser was very successful and Heather is now in safe housing and was able to get the things she needed to make the housing safe. She and another friend also raised money and goods, loaded up their car with all the goods they could buy with the funds plus the goods they were given, and drove it all down with them to New Jersey to help with Sandy relief efforts.

Paganaidd is a wonderful and giving person, and now she is the one who is need of assistance. She has recently discovered that she has approximately $10,000 of dental work that needs to be done. She and her husband manage, but the addition of this kind of unexpected expense is more than they can really handle. So now we are passing the hat for Paganaidd herself. Please toss in what you can, if you can, and maybe we can ease this burden a bit. Any dent we can make in this high cost is an amazing thing.

I have set up a microfunding site, or you can send money to her paypal account, which is, if you would prefer. If you cannot afford to give, which is very understandable in this economy, then please boost the signal.

Thanks loves!
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So my friends have returned home now after a week working as medical relief in a Jersey City shelter. Ceredwyn posted several great blog entries on her family's blog, Scaling the Peak.

Additionally one of our local newspapers has published a lovely, long article on their volunteer work. If you are curious about the how the money they raised was spent and how things went for them, I would recommend reading both the article and the blog posts. She has some very insightful words on disaster and its effects on people in her Night Shift blog post.

Plus the article includes a lovely picture of Ceredwyn with her adorable dog.

Also if you have any interest in how a modern homestead might work, one that combines the interconnected lifestyle of the 21st century with the old farmstead and basic low technology life of the 19th century, then I recommend checking out the rest of Scaling the Peak, which is maintained by both Ceredwyn and her husband, Bryan.
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Ceredwyn, [personal profile] paganaidd, has posted a few more posts on her blogspot journal. The shelter that she and Tanya are working at is one of the ones that accepts animals. So one post in on the benefits of animal therapy. She also posted a wonderfully introspective piece on working the night shift at the shelter.

For those who are interested in helping, they are still collecting donations via microgiving and paypal (Ceredwyn [at] gmail [dot] com). It is their hope to do another goods drop to the Occupy Sandy volunteers, who have so far been the best at distributing supplies, before they leave.
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[personal profile] paganaidd posted an update on her blog.

They made it safely to Jersey City and have checked in with the Red Cross there. There were able to get to their assigned shelter before travel bans were put into place due to the incoming winter storm. They were able to take a care full of goods with them. They left the goods at one of the Occupy Sandy drop points as they seem to be the most effective at distributing goods. Check out the post for more detail and photos. :)
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So two of my friends are heading down to Jersey City to help out as medical volunteers with the Red Cross on Tuesday. one is an EMT-B and the other is an RN. They have a place to stay and would like to fill their car up with goods that the Hurricane victims need. Ceredwyn, one of the two going, has set up a page on microgiving to raise some money to buy items with.

Thought I would put this out there for those who might be interested in helping. Thank you.
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Originally posted by [personal profile] ionaonie at Reproductive Rights
Originally posted by [personal profile] anjak_j at Reproductive Rights
Originally posted by [personal profile] emrinalexander at Reproductive Rights

A star-studded cast wants you to sign!


The Bill of Reproductive Rights is an effort by the Center for Reproductive Rights to deliver a thundering statement—backed by hundreds of thousands of signatures from concerned citizens like you—to the U.S. Congress and the President that they must guarantee and protect reproductive rights as fundamental human rights and stop the attacks by politicians who want to take those rights away.

Draw the line! Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights!

If you want to post this on Dreamwidth, or Live Journal, click on the link to one of the folks on LJ at the top of the page and click the 'post to my journal' icon. Then just copy and paste and use the html editor to post in your Dreamwidth account; if you're on LJ, just click and post!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have raised $1000 for Heather and we still have a day left on our microfunding. I can not thank those who've signal boosted and donated enough. I really can't. Especially the kind soul who anonymously donated $780.00. I am practically in tears I'm so happy. So thank you again to all who signal boosted and donated. You rock!

::hugs and thanks and good energy::

Edited to add: If you are still interested in ways you can help Heather, please check out her Amazon wishlist and this post.
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There are two days left in our microfundraiser. So far we have raised 22% of our goal. Huge thank yous and loads of hugs go out to everyone who has donated or signal boosted. I cannot express how much it is appreciated.

Heather is doing a bit better. Her upstairs neighbors who were killing her with their pot and meth smoke have been evicted. So she is able to sleep in her apartment again for now. We are still trying to find her a better living space though as she should not have to worry about how to control her neighbors and be in constant fear of similar behaviors.

Answers to some questions that have not been asked, but that may be floating around out there. )

Signal boosting is still appreciated! Thanks so much everyone!
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So yesterday I posted about a microfundraiser that my friend paganaidd and I are doing. We are trying to raise $1000 in 7 days, which may seem kind of ridiculous. But the situation is critical. Heather is disabled, so her only income in her disability check. She cannot stay in her apartment anymore do to her Multiple Chemical Sensitivities caused by long term carbon monoxide poisoning. Her doctor has essentially told her that she would be better off homeless, in northeastern Vermont in fall (which would feel like winter to some of my southern friends--tonight's low is supposed to be 40 degrees Fahrenheit) than to stay in her apartment, which is killing her. We are trying to raise money to get her into safe and healthy housing. Essentially we are looking to pay the security deposit and first month's rent) because there is no way she can save up enough from her disability checks to cover those. Rent is astronomically expensive in Vermont considering its rural nature. I pay more for a studio here than I would for an apartment of equal size in Spokane, WA. Her family is not helpful at this point. So we are doing our best to help where we can.

Heather is a friend and someone that paganaidd and I know in real life. We've been wracking our brains trying to figure out how to help her. Heather cannot come to live with either of us do to the fact that neither of us live in a situation that would be safe to someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (the slightest hint of fragrance or chemicals can make Heather violently ill, to the point of passing out). This is what we are trying to get Heather into.

Several of my friends have stepped up and offered donations as incentives, which is amazingly awesome. Unfortunately we (paganaidd and I) are having difficulty adding those incentives to the microfunding site. Since we have such a short turnaround on this, I would like to thank you all very much for your kind offers and request that instead you simply boost the signal where you can. Boosting the signal can help just as much as cool incentives.

If you can spare a dollar, please consider it. Donations can be made here. If you can't spare anything, but are willing to boost the signal that would be amazingly appreciated. I apologize for spamming my dwircle/flist, and thank you for your time and patience.
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My friend paganaidd and I are doing a microfunding drive to help our friend Heather find safe housing.

Heather is a gifted teacher, writer, artist and all around brilliant woman who has had her whole world taken from her by carbon monoxide poisoning. As I write this she is facing homelessness due to the resultant multiple chemical sensitivity--she literally cannot stay in her apartment anymore. The chemicals are so toxic to her that her doctor has told her that she would be better off living in a tent rather than continue to live around people who smoke.

Heather's only income is her disability check. Couch surfing is not something she can safely do with her sensitivities. Mold, formaldehyde off gassing and smoke are her biggest enemies, followed closely by cleaning chemicals, air fresheners and "Fragrance".

She needs a home. In the short term, a building that doesn't allow smoking, preferably an older building that isn't off gassing chemicals. Read more... )
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So the amazing [personal profile] raze has rescued five stray underfed dogs this weekend. Zie is raising money to help with their care and vet bills. I have copied her post below. If you have some to spare or can signal boost it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Read more... )


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