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Windy just doesn't quite cut it in describing the current weather. Blasting winds might be a better term. These are the sorts of winds that do not howl around the house, but batter the house--a ceaseless buffeting that leaves no doubt why folk tales spoke of malevolent winds and wendigos. Add in the cutting cold that flowed from the walls with each blast, and it is not terribly surprising that sleep was difficult last night.

My bed is up against the outer wall (only place to really put it in the room I've got), and normally this does not bother me because I prefer a cold room when I sleep. Plus I have a nice toasty electric mattress pad (basically one giant heating pad), and that is a great way to get the sheets warm before climbing into bed. Normally I turn the heating pad off once I'm in bed, but last night I left it on very low for most of the night. I wrapped one of a super soft fleece blanket around my pillow as I usually sleep with a hand under the pillow and that hand kept getting cold (as did my nose). Having the fleece blanket over and around the pillow gave me nice warm nooks to tuck my hands, and kept my face a little warmer. I detest sleeping with things covering my head, so just sleeping under the covers doesn't work well for me.

I did get some sleep despite the cold and the wind, but it was a tense sort of night and I woke up feeling a little extra achy and sore today. Thankfully I have no intention of going anywhere today and plan on curling up with fanfiction and other forms of entertainment today.
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Got my copy of the first Ms. Marvel trade paperback and it was amazing! If you like superhero comics, or even just fun coming of age stories, I encourage you to give Ms. Marvel. It's well written, and has female, person-of-color, Muslim, geek (she writes Avengers fanfic and plays video games!) protagonist. And the art is gorgeous. It actually reminds me a lot of some of the Spider-Man comics I used to read, back before there was more focus on turning things "gritty." It's funny, heart-felt, doesn't take itself too seriously but still shows some of the consequences of actions and suddenly developing super-powers. It's a nice balance and a fun story. That's probably enough gushing for now. :)

In other news I accomplished some of the things today. Went to bank, politely declined the offer to discuss finances and investing because I am so not in the headspace to deal with that right now. I will need to, eventually, but money is a triggering thing for me and right now I just do not have spoons. Also picked up prescriptions, treated myself to lunch, returned iPad holder that did not fit my 1st generation iPad, and did a bit of shopping a Target. Tomorrow I will have to go to my Uncle's bank to deposit the money that I owe him, and go get blood drawn. Tomorrow evening we're going to sit in the driveway and hand out candy. My sister's doing zombie make-up for one of the neighbors (she's really amazing with make-up, especially special effects stuff). As it will also be Samhain, I'll probably light a candle and maybe make hamburgers (one of my Dad's favorite foods). I've been missing him an awful lot this week.

Snow Day

Mar. 3rd, 2014 09:29 am
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Today was supposed to be my first day of work, but most everything is shut down thanks to the snow we are getting. Yesterday was rain, so there is probably a nice layer of ice under the snow. I sent an email to the head of Human Resources inquiring about whether the office is closed, but have not heard back. Northern Virginia has some plows and salt-sand trucks, but not that many. So it looks very much like today will be a stay-in sort of day.

I think I shall have another cup of coffee and read more fanfic. :)
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I cannot really say that 2013 was a great year, nor was it a terrible one. It had both great and terrible moments as most years do. I pause for a moment to reflect on the year, as many do this night. I remember those that were lost to us this year and in years past, and remind myself that death is just another part of life and those we've lost live on in our hearts and memories. I count my blessings and try to let go of my hurts. And for the first time in a few years I will actually try to stay up til the clock strikes midnight, because my niece finds this exciting. :)

I am fortunate to be loved, and to love in return. We have had a quiet evening, but a good one. Fizzy drinks for all (sparkling juice for my sister and neice, seltzer for me), finger foods (my sister even fried some of the sprouted grain tortillas that I'm allowed so I could have chips), music and movies. We have poppers for later (the little things filled with confetti), and balloons that we have each added a wish to--we'll release them into the ether come midnight.

I hope that others are having a safe and happy New Year and that the coming year will hold many blessings for all. I leave you with this beautiful version of Auld Lang Syne that I came across this week:

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I am currently in the middle of finals, which is why I have been scarce. I had two take-home finals last week, and have two in class finals this coming week. I have yet to figure out why I find take-homes more stressful than in-class exams. I'm a bit odd that way I suppose. I'd rather have the "prep for a day or two and then throw out as much info as you can in a three or four hour period while answering the questions asked" stress than the "here's your final you have x amount of days to finish it, how on earth do I know I've covered everything" sort of stress. I particularly dislike take-homes that are given a 24 hour deadline. Because of my Lyme I often sleep 12 hours a day or longer. Knowing this I knew I had to finish the damn take-home before I could go to bed because I might not wake up with enough time to finish it the next day. It was a class where I wasn't sure how to prep prior to opening the exam, which started the countdown. The take-home was open book and open notes, just no commercial outlines or study materials. So I did my research/review while I went. Damn thing took me ten hours (with breaks, lots of short breaks). Then I crashed for a day.

My second take-home was slightly less stressful as I was more comfortable with the material. I had a bit of a "these questions are more narrow than I expected based on midterm questions" worry. The final covered mostly topics since the midterm rather than topics from the breadth of the course. This wouldn't be worrisome except for the fact that the midterm was ungraded and anonymous (we got amazing feedback in written form). The grade rests solely on the final. But I guess we all did well enough on the midterm that she felt we understood the issues covered because the final did not deal with those issues at all. This final took me about eight hours, with a couple of very long breaks (grocery shopping took at least an hour). Both are turned in, which means they are out of my hands and I can only worry about them in the vague "I hope I do okay" sense rather than nitpick them to death until the last day they were due. Now I can switch gears and start prepping for my two in class finals (one Tuesday, the other Thursday). Then I will be done for the semester! Yay! After that I will have exactly one year left of law school, which is exciting and utterly terrifying all at once. I will get to walk in May with the rest of my class, but won't get the actual diploma til December of 2013.

We're finally getting a bit of snow here in Vermont. It's been a ridiculously mild winter so far with more rain than snow. It's supposed to warm up enough to turn into wintry mix, and I kind of hope we get a blast of colder air to prevent that. I'd rather the snow at the moment, especially since I'm not the one who has to shovel it. ;) My awesome neighbor has a contract to do that. Anyway I took some pics this morning. Not much snow on the ground yet, but it was pretty. The pics were all taken from indoors with my cell phone, but they were pretty enough to share. I have some lovely views. :) Pics under the cut. )
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braced wood
smoke scented air
almost winter

A quick sensory snapshot from this evening.
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Brightest blessings to everyone this winter solstice! May this season of renewal and hope bring good tidings your way.

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The scent of winter fills the rainy autumn air. The temperature in my little Vermont valley hovers just far enough about freezing to keep it rain, whereas my friends who live a bit up the mountain had their first touch of snow this morning. I find myself cuddled in layers and drinking more hot tea.


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