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November always sparks a lot of contemplative thinking for me, particularly as my birthday approaches. Fittingly enough my birthday kicks off [community profile] poetree's next community week which is set around the theme of remembrance and memorial. It seemed appropriate that I sign up for the Monday, November 18th post. I'm going to be writing about birthdays as memorial and how November is always a strange mix of celebration and grief for me.

I have several poems brewing right now, particularly with all the memories that are often stirred up around this time of year. My initial thought was to do one long poem, but after a bit of writing and reflection I realized that I want to explore some things more fully. I decided to start off with an etheree to get my poetic juices flowing again.

November's Child
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This poem was written for [personal profile] ashestosnow who [community profile] poetree Climbing the Poet's Tree Challenges #13 over the summer. Zie was very patient in waiting for hir prize. Zie requested a poem on spiritual encounters with fire or trial by fire. Thank you for your patience!

Kiss the Flame

burn through
my troubled
soul. Cauterize
these old wounds, destroy
those pockets of poison
that have lingered for so long.
I stare across the burning coals
and envision the lies of my past
and the lost child I once was. Kiss the flame.
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In response to the Climbing the Poet's Tree Challenge #7 over on [community profile] poetree. The challenge was to answer the question "How are you?" in etheree format. Please consider participating in the challenge. It's a lot of fun, and there are prizes. :) Please note, judges, that this entry is not valid for winning as it is posted by a co-administrator for the group. It is solely submitted for the fun of it.

Finals Crunch

need, want
drags me down
grip that coffee
chug it, refill, drink
caffeinated goodness
pry my eyes open, must arm
for finals, can't sleep just yet
review notes, outline, tab books, revise
and so armed may sleep 'ere the battle comes.

And now that I've been completely silly. I'm off to bed.
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One of the recent [community profile] napowrimo prompts was silence. This prompt managed to inspire two short poems. Interestingly enough they went in opposite directions. The first is a blank verse format, and the second a etheree (which I have found an addictive and fun form to use). As always, concrit is appreciated.

On Silence

We are not built for silence
not anymore
We have become used to noise
to distractions
Silence makes us uncomfortable
jittery, uneasy
We fidget, chatter, turn up the radio
turn on the tv
Our thoughts grind against each other
loud in our heads

A Meditation

the silence
calm the waters
let thoughts sink or drift
like seeds left to take root
where they wish to grow in time
exhale worries strife tension stress
feel the pull of time's currents but be
not rushed along breathe and live the moments
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I was feeling the need to write today. So I headed over to [community profile] napowrimo to check out today's prompt. Turns out it was one that struck a cord. :) I liked the etheree format so much I decided to write another one. So here's my first poem in celebration of National Poetry Month.


Stop haunting me.
Why is it that I
can forget where I last
set my keys or a needed
word? The location of my car
eludes me. But you, you, are right there.
Always. Let go. Free me from your embrace.
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I have had a dreadful time focusing on the things I need to be doing today and haven't been able to completely formulate my next post [community profile] poetree (though it's partly there and will be up sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening). So I decided to take a break and try answering this week's Climbing the Poet's Tree writing challenge. There is a challenge for readers as well, and prizes are available for both writing and reading challenges. As a comm admin, I'm not eligble to win, but it sure is fun participating. I highly encourage folks to check it out. It's lots of fun, and you do not have to be a dreamwidth user to participate. This weeks writer's challenge is to write one of three forms introduced on the comm last week, a cinquain, an etheree, or a triquint. I chose to try my hand an an etheree. It's untitled, and title suggests are welcome. Concrit is also appreciated and welcome. This is my first time trying out this format. I recommend playing with it, it's fun to write.

Untitled Etheree

comfort zones
set worldviews on
edge erase gender
boundaries blur the lines
in our heads transcend too tight
categories transform ourselves
no more hatred no more fear let us
live free beyond your tags let me be me

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