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I was happily hit by the desire to write poetry today. This poem is based on a collection of my earliest memories which were all formed at a time when my family was living in Mesa, Arizona in the southwestern United States. The song referenced is "The Moonshiner" a traditional folk song.

Mind the Cactus

Some lessons seem etched
onto my bones
no memory of being told
no memory of learning the hard way
the sharp bite of the spine sinking into skin
but I knew to mind the cactus

Mind the cactus and celebrate the rain
stomp, jump, twirl
bare feet in warm puddles
swing and sway with a cheshire smile
wondering if I can soak up the water
become a cactus, prickly but sweet

Celebrate the rain and respect the storm
dry earth can't soak up water fast enough
doesn't take long, a wild river surges
and you best be well out of reach
watch the swirling currents and know
all things can turn fierce

Respect the storm and love its light show
light arcing from cloud to cloud
dancing through the sky to strike the ground
viewed from the safety of my father's arms
rocking gently on the carport
fierce things are also beautiful

Love the light show and be soothed by music
head tucked against my father's chest
feeling the rumbling bass as he sings
hearing it in my bones
I'm a rambler, I'm a gambler,
I'm a long way from home

these are the lessons etched in my soul
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So this little couplet struck me this evening, inspired heavily by today's strong winds. It may grow into something else, or it may remain as is. I just wanted to get it down before I forgot it.

I am a bottle played by the wind
howling, mournful, and hollow within.
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My father has always loved trains, and we frequently lived very near to tracks. So the sounds of trains are usually a familiar sound. This poem could have been written using a number of travel metaphors, but I knew it had to be trains. I have really been struggling with how to capture the complex emotional mess that is hospice waiting.

So I am turning to my common outlet and seeing if writing will help me clarify what I'm feeling or just make me cry (apparently I need a good cry). This is a seriously rough draft.

Waiting on a Train
poem contains imagery and metaphor dealing with death and loss )
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This comes out of late night ruminations of the common saying "words can only hurt you if you let them."

An Ocean
CW: Allusions of drowning )
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After being tasked with managing/updating my employer's twitter account I decided it might be worth creating a personal account as well.

Because I am me, my first tweet was in the form of a poem.


succombed to siren's call to sing
of life and beauty distilled
a universe in a burst of song
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The lovely and talented [personal profile] alexconall has published a book of poetry, and the e-book version is available for free.

Lavender Blue and Other Poems is a beautiful and powerful collection that covers a wide variety of themes. Some of the poems are potent and intense, and some whimsical and filled with delight. Pull up a chair, curl up with a cup of tea, and enjoy.
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Poetry, because my brain is itching to do something besides panic. I'm driving down to Norfolk on Monday. The essay/short answer portion of test is on Tuesday, and multiple Choice sections on Wednesday. I'll return home on Thursday.

Over at [community profile] poetree there has been some fabulous posts this week on exploring politics through poetry, including [personal profile] raze's wonderful exploration of jazz poetry and Langston Hughes. You might say that this poem was inspired by that post and jazz poetry.

This is a little rough in spots, and I'm not sure about the fourth and fifth stanzas.Poem below the cut. )
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November always sparks a lot of contemplative thinking for me, particularly as my birthday approaches. Fittingly enough my birthday kicks off [community profile] poetree's next community week which is set around the theme of remembrance and memorial. It seemed appropriate that I sign up for the Monday, November 18th post. I'm going to be writing about birthdays as memorial and how November is always a strange mix of celebration and grief for me.

I have several poems brewing right now, particularly with all the memories that are often stirred up around this time of year. My initial thought was to do one long poem, but after a bit of writing and reflection I realized that I want to explore some things more fully. I decided to start off with an etheree to get my poetic juices flowing again.

November's Child
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Thought I would collect all of my answers to the 2013 Treak or Treat Haiku fest that [personal profile] jjhunter hosted yesterday.

Prompt: Werewolves

the moon is full and
my feet itch to run and howl
with the pack; sadly

my skin refuses to change
and human I remain

Prompt: Leaf

leave me alone
I will fall in my own time
a leaf on the wind

(also check out the [personal profile] luzula's lovely follow-up to this haiku)

Prompt: Happiness

a tiny kindness
giggles and bubbles breeze by
warm cider and hugs

Prompt: Flowers

memorial blooms
sprigs of love brighten shades of
grief; life blooms in death
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[personal profile] jjhunter has a trick or treat: haiku post up. She did this last year too and it is a lot of fun. Go to the post, leave a prompt in the comments, and/or answer a prompt with a haiku. It's super fun.

Happy Halloween and blessed Samhain.
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Brief discussion of medical stuff. )

Fe: a haikai

limbs slow and heavy
thought fragments bleed through cotton
stuffed brain, bruised bags shine

against pale skin. Not zombie.
Just iron deficient.
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POETREE @ Dreamwidth: Fragments of Sappho: September 16th - 21st

Exploring fragment 16 in depth, in translation and (re)imagination. Sign up now to participate, September 16th - 21st @ [community profile] poetree.
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Something light hearted.


Breathe soft through soap film
fragile rainbow sphere floats off
oh so fun to pop
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Been wanting to write some poetry for National Poetry Month, but haven't had a lot of ideas or energy. I got to thinking about this strange sense of sadness I have felt today. It isn't a bad feeling, certainly not the deep dark well of depression. Just a vague sense of sadness. I decided to accept that this was just how I felt today, and ended up writing a short poem based on my reflections.


Bitter with just a hint of sweetness
darkness, close, yet vast
like being wrapped in one cavernous blanket
or riding a sea of sadness on a tiny tugboat
breathe deep the salty air
feel the moisture on your face
it is okay to just be
in this comforting sadness
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So I have managed to write two shorter poems the past few weeks. "Patched" was actually written first, but I put it second here because it flows thematically from the first.

Worn )

Patched )


Feb. 13th, 2013 04:56 pm
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I am participating in this year's Vagina Monologues with our Women in the Law Society. I will be one of three women reading "In the Room" a poetic piece about witnessing birth. Our dress rehearsal is tonight, and the production is on Friday. I'm excited and a wee bit nervous as this is my first time participating in the production. It's not my first time on stage, or speaking in front of crowds, thankfully. So I'm more excited than nervous about this part.

What has me a bit nervous is that I have offered to curate a small exhibition of my own art and poetry to be displayed for the cocktail hour and during the production. I have seven poems that fit the theme, and have a handful of artwork to display as well (about five pieces). I am also taking part in a photo exhibit about survivors of domestic and sexual violence. This will be my first exhibit of my own work since my college years (ten years ago now). So this has me a little nervous. I am proud of my own work though, and think it fits into this project very well. So I'm going to take the chance and show it off.
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Today involved a nearly five hour drive, along with a few minor delays as I traveled from home to the NYC area so I can attend the LegalTech conference. I am one of those few people who genuinely enjoys driving and long drives. So I am tired, but feel pretty good despite some fatigue. I have spent a lifetime traveling, with many long road trips along the way. My first cross country move was when I was 9 months old. I've been familiar with roads every since. This poem is some of my pagan musings about travel and one of the gods who speaks most to me.

Prayer Wheels

Rubber on pavement
humming along
the road awaits

my hands on the wheel
my feet hover over pedals
I breathe in anticipation

what lies around the corner
on these roads ahead of me
hope and fear beneath my treads
possibilities abound

Be wary of the turns
deceptive they can be
Watch the other drivers
and careful with the speed
Find humor in delays
And kindness in frustration

every turn of the wheel
the steady beat of the music
a whispered prayer to the god
I've known the longest
since birth I have traveled
along his many paths

the God of Roads guide and keep me
as I travel his domain
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It's been a rather rough week and I am very low on spoons. I have a lot going on emotionally and mentally and I wrote this poem to work through some of it. I do not really wish to discuss the events of the week on my blog at this moment, but would like to share the poem.  It's fairly vague and general and has no real discussion about depression or other potentially triggery things.  It's essentially about making a hard choice, particularly in the context of a relationship.  I've put it under a cut in case people do not have the spoons to read it at the moment.

Sometimes )
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I decided to test out the microphone I bought awhile back but am just now getting around to setting up by doing a recording of one of my own poems. I figured I would share as some of my friend's enjoy listening to poetry as much as reading it. :)

Full text of poem may be found here.

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This poem was written for [personal profile] ashestosnow who [community profile] poetree Climbing the Poet's Tree Challenges #13 over the summer. Zie was very patient in waiting for hir prize. Zie requested a poem on spiritual encounters with fire or trial by fire. Thank you for your patience!

Kiss the Flame

burn through
my troubled
soul. Cauterize
these old wounds, destroy
those pockets of poison
that have lingered for so long.
I stare across the burning coals
and envision the lies of my past
and the lost child I once was. Kiss the flame.
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