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I've been slowly working on finishing the bookshelves I bought (they were unfinished maple, so I had to sand and add finish to all three). I went with a clear finish and no stain since I like the light color of the maple and didn't want to add any extra steps. :) I finally got the shelves finished last week, and today I finally managed to get the books, dvds, and knick-knacks sorted and loaded onto them. My living room feels a bit bigger without the boxes of books, and the whole space feels tidier and more comfortable. Pictures below the cut )
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I took some photos when I went to the Steampunk Festival and of some landscapes on my drives there and back home. We had a longer summer than normal. Usually by mid-September the leaves have started to turn, but this year the temps remained warmer a bit longer. We've only just started having frost warnings. So there is very little fall color here, but some lovely late summer shots. I also tried to get shots of some of my favorite costumes at the festival. I don't have a lot of spoons, so I've linked to the slideshow. Sadly this cuts off some of the descriptions, but if you click on view all you can go to my photobucket account and see them individually which will allow you to read the full descriptions. Photos under cut )
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My sister and nephew came up yesterday afternoon and helped me go pick up my new-to-me furniture and move it into my apartment. I then treated them to dinner because if someone helps you move stuff then you ought to at least feed them. :) Plus dinner gave me more time to visit, which is always fun. Lots of lively discussion happened, and I managed to make plans to go see the new Avengers movie on Sunday with nephew and maybe sister and brother-in-law (nephew is 16 and a lot of fun to hang out with).

I will note that it's been a long time since I've driven anything larger than a small SUV, so driving the U-haul cargo van was both terrifying and fun.

Anyway, I promised some photos when I got the chance. I haven't decorated much yet, so the walls are a bit bare. Both couch and chair will be getting slip covers. A dark red cover for the chair to make it look a little less retro, and a dark tan cover for the sofa to try to protect the pretty cream sofa from inevitable stains. I also got three small wooden bar stools as they make the best portable coffee tables/laptop stands (and are the perfect height for most chairs and couches).

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So last night's show was a huge success. Everything went relatively smoothly, there were no hecklers in the audience this year, and people seemed to both enjoy themselves and be moved by the show. I'm not sure a lot of folks notices the art exhibits in the back (there was no wall space, so we ended up laying things out on tables), but those who did notice and who connected the name with me gave me some lovely feedback.

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