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Today involved a nearly five hour drive, along with a few minor delays as I traveled from home to the NYC area so I can attend the LegalTech conference. I am one of those few people who genuinely enjoys driving and long drives. So I am tired, but feel pretty good despite some fatigue. I have spent a lifetime traveling, with many long road trips along the way. My first cross country move was when I was 9 months old. I've been familiar with roads every since. This poem is some of my pagan musings about travel and one of the gods who speaks most to me.

Prayer Wheels

Rubber on pavement
humming along
the road awaits

my hands on the wheel
my feet hover over pedals
I breathe in anticipation

what lies around the corner
on these roads ahead of me
hope and fear beneath my treads
possibilities abound

Be wary of the turns
deceptive they can be
Watch the other drivers
and careful with the speed
Find humor in delays
And kindness in frustration

every turn of the wheel
the steady beat of the music
a whispered prayer to the god
I've known the longest
since birth I have traveled
along his many paths

the God of Roads guide and keep me
as I travel his domain
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[personal profile] finch offered a one card draw prompt over on [community profile] napowrimo a few days ago. The card I received was "The Emperor." On a side note this was an interesting card to receive as it also came up in a recent reading I did for myself. I reviewed some of the interpretations and illustrations of this card and then set out to write a poem on the card. I'm not 100% certain how I feel about this poem, and would very much welcome constructive criticism.

Ruling Bodies

He likes a well ordered world,
clear structure and definition
without question; he has risen to the top,
become the highest authority.
Ordered vision his guide, he now seeks to guide us.
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So I've been feeling rather restless and discontent recently. I decided tonight to sit down and do a tarot reading for myself (though it has been a while since I've done one) as a way to meditate on the issues bothering me. I did it in a slightly different way than I used to, which was to do the reading but no journalling or note taking. Just meditate on the reading quietly in my own thoughts. I realized today how much more helpful it can be to write out those meditation (NB: if you see a slip up in here that replaces meditation with medication, it is probably because I already took my sleepy time medication tonight). After going through the process I feel much calmer and happier about things. As I skimmed over what I wrote I realized that some of my friends might be interested in reading it. If just for ideas on tarot as meditation.

Please note that I do not consider myself a professional tarot card reader, and am open to others interpretations of the cards drawn. For me this was a process of meditation, of checking in with the here and now and how things are going. I would love to hear what others think. Full essay/tarot reading under the cut )


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