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I am utterly exhausted and headed to bed soon. But wanted to post a quick update. Not only did we have the home visit and it go very well, but we were actually able to meet up with Zena's foster mom and pick Zena up today.

We may end up renaming her Zoey, she has mostly been called Z, which is a good nickname anyway. Poor thing was terribly shy and nervous at first, but did way better with greeting us and letting us pet and walk her than her foster mom expected. She is very loving and sweet despite being scared by all the change. We will need to beef up her toys with more kongs and harder to destroy toys as she already destroyed a couple of the softer toys and stuffies. All non-dog toy stuffed animals have been moved to higher locations just to be on the safe side too. She will need some training and work on leash walking, but that is doable. I think once we all settle into a routine she is going to be a very good fit for the household.
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As a child one of my favorite shows was Reading Rainbow. Not only did you get introduced to cool books, you also got to go on cool virtual field trips that explored themes also explored in the books. It was a show about the power of dreams, the power of knowledge, and the power of books. In 2012, LeVar Burton re-created Reading Rainbow as a mobile app. Now he and his crew are working to bring the series back to full life as a web based series accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and to bring it into classrooms complete with teaching supplements (all offered to schools for free). They put together a Kickstarter campaign to fund the program. Apparently I'm not the only one who wants to see this show continue, because within 11 hours they surpassed the initial goal of $1,000,000. They have since managed to pass the $2,000,000 mark in the second day of the campaign.

This was the show that truly taught me about diversity, about being myself, about dreaming, and so much more. This was the show that told me that it was okay to find comfort in books. I remember being so excited about Star Trek: the Next Generation because not only was it a new Star Trek series, it had the guy from Reading Rainbow. I'm going to go have happy nostalgia feels and be content to know that another generation will have the chance to know that they can go anywhere and be anything.

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1. I dropped my car off this morning at a shop I trust to have it looked over to find out if: a) car was safe to drive; b) problem might be something minor. They checked it over, did what they could to make sure I was likely to get home safely, tried to break it to me very gently that car is on her absolute last legs, and were visibly relieved when I informed them that I was going to buy a new car this weekend and would be working from home for the next two days. They only charged me $55, despite having probably spent at least an hour doing diagnostics on it and their normal rate for diagnostics is $100/hour. If you need a car shop in the Vienna, VA area, I highly recommend James Madison Shell.

2. I can work from home for the next two days while I get my transportation sorted.

3. I have awesome friends/chosen family who happily listen to me and help me deal with brain weasels surrounding money issues.

4. We may be getting a dog!
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Or at least all the Hyperbole and a Half things. My copy of the Hyperbole and a Half book arrived today. So glad I pre-ordered it. It was a nice surprise. Trigger Warning! Some of the contents of Hyperbole and a Half may be triggering because of discussion of mental illness!Lots of squeeing about Hyperbole and a Half )

The book has new material in it, which is very exciting, and just what I needed. I screwed up my meds this weekend and accidentally increased by antibiotics too much, so I've been having an awful herx. Slept most of Monday and worked from home yesterday. But made it to work today, and made it through the whole day! Am going to crash very soon. But I had to share my excitement over this book.
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The essay that you've been hearing about is now published and available for free online.

What Do You Mean You're Not Interested in Sex?: American Life and Law from an Asexual Perspective by Amanda C. Lee is now fully available in all kinds of formats on Smashwords. Please feel free to share as you like.

Description of the essay: An academic and personal exploration of asexuality and the asexual spectrum, this essay focuses on the complexities of human sexuality and sexual orientation and takes a look at how asexuality fits within the broad spectrum of human experience. An interdisciplinary work, the author weaves the history of the American LGBTQIA community, social science research, legal analysis, and individuals' stories to provide a powerful argument for the importance of visibility and community.

I will be sharing this on some of the asexual forums that I know of, but please feel free to signal boost. Also please let me know if you find any formatting issues, errors, etc.
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The company I've been interning with has made me an offer! Decent salary, full benefits, even a 401K! At a company who knows about her health issues/lyme treatment and is willing to work around those limitations! Who's damn proud and so super happy she can't stand it? This girl.

Okay, I'm actually kind of exhausted because it's been a super long and busy week. But I'm also super proud and happy and doing some serious happy dancing even if it is mostly internal happy dancing.

The job is practically tailor made for me and will involve a lot of research, writing and various content creation, and ultimately a lot of consulting directly with clients. I'll be working as a technology and litigation support consultant rather than a traditional lawyer, but that is more than okay with me. I'll start in my new position the week after I finish the bar exam. There is also room for promotion and "career growth."

::happy dance::
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Today was a good day, and a nice cap to a good week.

1st: I got to have lunch with the lovely [personal profile] jelazakazone, and got to see her gorgeous rooster quilt in person. We sat outside in the sunshine and enjoyed our lunches. It was wonderful.

2nd: I have gotten very, very good feedback from the folks at my internship. I've managed to impress the shit out of them, both this semester and over the summer. And I found out this afternoon that they are already considering me in their budget planning for the next year. They should have an actual offer put together for me within a month or so. I really like the company and the folks that I have been working with. So, provided that the offer meets my needs, I will likely take the position that I am offered. Now I just have to figure out what I need (and what I should be asking for). I'm woefully underprepared for salary and benefits negotiations having mostly done temp to hire positions and never having made more than $23,000/year. This is a whole new world, which is a good thing even if it is strange.

3rd: It is very likely that the company will be using one of the presentations I've been working on as their Continuing Legal Education (CLE) offering at LegalTech, which is the biggest convention for litigation technology/litigation support, in February. The sad thing, I won't be able to see it presented at the conference because I will be in the final month of studying for the bar exam. But damn I'm happy that my work is likely going to be the basis for such a cool thing.

4th: I'm feeling less fatigued. So I'm guessing the iron supplements are helping. ::happy dance::
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Last time djinni did a free icon day I finally got around to requesting an icon. I have long admired my dreamwidth friends who had icons from this very talented artist, but hadn't requested one. So I decided it was time and I requested one of myself listening to music (I provided a link to some reference photos). This lovely icon was waiting in my inbox today. :D


It is perfect. So I had to write a post just to show it off.
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Grades are all in and I got not one, but TWO As (well an A and an A-, cause law school is silly and uses a plus/minus system). My other grade was a B+. The B+ was in perhaps the hardest, most stressful class of the semester so I'm thrilled with that grade. In fact I'm thrilled with all my grades. Time for happy dancing. :)

Since I have no video of me happy dancing, I'll share my favorite video of a person happily dancing (Because Christopher Walken is awesome):

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So I've had a fabulous birthday, and am leaving shortly for a midnight viewing of Deathly Hallows (part 1). I am going to be fried for class tomorrow, but it is so going to be worth it.
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So I've been trying to stay on top of my massive studying, and still have a bit of fun, which means I haven't had much time to update my journal.

So we've passed the midterm mark of this semester and I'm on the downhill slide towards finals. Many of my fellow 1st year students are in prime panic mode and I've been endeavoring to stay out of that mode, and yet not fall prey to complete apathy either. There is a delicate balance point somewhere, and I will find it. :)

One of the fun things I've managed to work into my schedule recently was a trip to Montreal. It was even school related as it involved a small conference on international comparative law as it relates to LGBT issues. A group of us drove up Friday (we're not that far from Montreal) for the conference, and then stayed with some of the McGill law students who were kind enough to host us. We enjoyed yummy Korean food after the conference. I love being a country girl, and specifically chose a school more rurally situated. However it is great to visit a city every now and then. After dinner (and an interesting metro ride) we spent time hanging out with our hosts and just enjoying their company. Around midnight a group went out dancing, but I decided it was past my bedtime and stayed in. I'm not much for large crowds in tight spaces and generally avoid dance clubs for that reason. So I read for a bit and went to bed. We enjoyed brunch with our hosts at a local diner the next morning, and then we headed back home that afternoon. The next day it was back to studying, but the trip made for a nice break.

So far this week has been pretty good. I got one of the geeky t-shirts I ordered in time to wear it on my birthday. My present to myself this year was three new t-shirts (I own maybe one t-shirt and have decided I should own more). This is the shirt I got in the mail today. I'm super excited because it is the perfect shirt for me to wear tomorrow. It goes wonderfully with another gift--tickets to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Truthfully I can't believe I'm going to see a midnight showing, as I have an 8:30 class the next day. But life should be enjoyed right?

So the other shirts I got are: LLAP (or live long and prosper in short hand), and these cute robots. Sizes and colors are not the same as those linked. I got the sci-fi collision shirt in red, and the other two in black.
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To whomever upgraded my account to paid for two months: THANK YOU!

::massive hugs::

You are very sweet, and have given me a wonderful surprise birthday present.

You can't see it but I am totally doing my happy dance right now. :D


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