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Some of you may be familiar with [personal profile] paganaidd's fan-fiction, which is incredible and I highly recommend it all. She is an excellent writer and packs a lot of great stuff into her stories. I'm delight to say that she is also working on an original novel and has entered an excerpt of that novel in the Echos of Another World writing contest over on Inkitt.

In All the In Between Places is phenomenal. If you like things that meld modern times and events with myth, magic and the otherworldly, then please check this out. This is the review that I left on the story itself:

"Each of the little vignettes is potent and powerful, though that last one was the one that really punched me in the gut. A very good introduction to a world that is a bit more than it seems with tantalizing glimpses of how magic, gods, and other worldly creatures would interact with our modern world. A very solid start for a novel."

If you read it and enjoy it, please feel free to share it with others. Thank you.
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Got my copy of the first Ms. Marvel trade paperback and it was amazing! If you like superhero comics, or even just fun coming of age stories, I encourage you to give Ms. Marvel. It's well written, and has female, person-of-color, Muslim, geek (she writes Avengers fanfic and plays video games!) protagonist. And the art is gorgeous. It actually reminds me a lot of some of the Spider-Man comics I used to read, back before there was more focus on turning things "gritty." It's funny, heart-felt, doesn't take itself too seriously but still shows some of the consequences of actions and suddenly developing super-powers. It's a nice balance and a fun story. That's probably enough gushing for now. :)

In other news I accomplished some of the things today. Went to bank, politely declined the offer to discuss finances and investing because I am so not in the headspace to deal with that right now. I will need to, eventually, but money is a triggering thing for me and right now I just do not have spoons. Also picked up prescriptions, treated myself to lunch, returned iPad holder that did not fit my 1st generation iPad, and did a bit of shopping a Target. Tomorrow I will have to go to my Uncle's bank to deposit the money that I owe him, and go get blood drawn. Tomorrow evening we're going to sit in the driveway and hand out candy. My sister's doing zombie make-up for one of the neighbors (she's really amazing with make-up, especially special effects stuff). As it will also be Samhain, I'll probably light a candle and maybe make hamburgers (one of my Dad's favorite foods). I've been missing him an awful lot this week.
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I have stuff that needs doing, but it can wait til a bit later in the week. Right now I think I'm just going to continue vegging out and resting. Not sure when I last watched so much tv (or the internet equivalent). :) Am all caught up on current seasons of Sleepy Hollow, and Agents of SHIELD. Or at least as caught up as one can be without having a cable provider account. I am still kind of mad about the fact that I have to have a cable provider to access the most recent episode of a broadcast television series. Although once I go back to work I'll end up a week or two behind anyway. So it'll all come out in the wash. :)

Also caught up on Forever a new crime procedural with a supernatural twist (guy who cannot die) which I got hooked on while staying with my Dad. Not sure what I might watch today. Got a ton of things in both my Netflix and Amazon Prime queues, so there is no shortage of things to watch.

Also, Hawkeye: L.A. woman, aka Kate Bishop and Lucky the dog have adventures in L.A., was phenomenal. The only problem was that I finished it and wanted Vol. 4 of the series immediately. I haven't been so tempted to resubscribe to an ongoing monthly comic series in years. I may have to play with reading digital comics on the iPad I inherited, because I will not start collecting paper copies again. They are way to much of a pain to store.

Tomorrow I shall have to think about starting in on my errands, including going over to get blood drawn as it's been a while since I had my thyroid, iron levels, and other metabolic work-ups done. Don't really want to even think about blood draws today, so distractions and rest it is.

In cool news, I will be speaking on a student panel on Asexuality (via video chat) at Vermont Law School for Asexual Awareness Week. That will be at 6:30 tomorrow evening, so hopefully I will have found some spoons by then. :)
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Was able to get up and on the road at a decent hour this morning, and made good time on the road, which means that I was able to make it home. It was nice to visit my heart family and see Vermont in fall. I missed peak leaf season, but it was still gorgeous. I will try remember to load the handful of pictures that I took to the net sometime this week. :) All and all I am glad to be home though.

The remainder of my to do list for the day is pretty simple: dump clothes in laundry basket, shower, and veg out with books and/or Netflix. I have three new graphic novels to enjoy: Hawkeye: L.A. Woman, Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More, and She-Hulk Volume 1: Law and Disorder. And my copy of the Ms. Marvel graphic novel should be arriving this week as well. So that is happy making.
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So I've been spending a lot of time listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix-Tape Vol. 1 soundtrack which is all mix of 1970s pop, rock, and Motown songs. And while some of the songs sound ridiculously cheesy, they do remind me fondly of people in my childhood. Music was always the bright spot of my childhood and one of the very good things that my parents shared with me (along with love of books and reading). I strongly remember dancing around the house singing with my mom, carefully placing the record needle to play the song again, sitting on my dad's lap as he played harmonica, sitting with him as he tried to play the banjo, and sitting with him singing along to the music on the stereo. Neither of my parent's were much into Motown, but my favorite great aunt was.

Basically, both the soundtrack and the movie for Guardians bring back the best memories of my childhood, which can often been overtaken by the worst memories. So it was really nice to have something hit all the happy memory nostalgia buttons for once.

CW: Non-graphic discussion of grief and grieving )

Good things: cut for length as it includes a longish list of all the books that I've bought or pre-ordered in the past few months )
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The lovely and talented [personal profile] alexconall has published a book of poetry, and the e-book version is available for free.

Lavender Blue and Other Poems is a beautiful and powerful collection that covers a wide variety of themes. Some of the poems are potent and intense, and some whimsical and filled with delight. Pull up a chair, curl up with a cup of tea, and enjoy.
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For brain candy I decided to read Flawed Dogs by Berkeley Breathed, a copy of which I found at the thrift store last week. It's a kid's chapter book, so while it deals with some heartbreaking topics and realities (animal welfare related) it does so in the same way that Roald Dahl and others do by balancing the grimness with humor and love. I'm a bit more than halfway through, and could easily finish it in another hour (or less). It is not a long book after all. I can sleep in tomorrow so I might just stay up and finish it. :D
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Or at least all the Hyperbole and a Half things. My copy of the Hyperbole and a Half book arrived today. So glad I pre-ordered it. It was a nice surprise. Trigger Warning! Some of the contents of Hyperbole and a Half may be triggering because of discussion of mental illness!Lots of squeeing about Hyperbole and a Half )

The book has new material in it, which is very exciting, and just what I needed. I screwed up my meds this weekend and accidentally increased by antibiotics too much, so I've been having an awful herx. Slept most of Monday and worked from home yesterday. But made it to work today, and made it through the whole day! Am going to crash very soon. But I had to share my excitement over this book.


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