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So Fun. has become my current musical obsession, or at least their Some Nights album.

I enjoyed We Are Young but not so much that I had to go out and find out if the rest of the album was as good. It wasn't until I heard Some Nights and Carry On, and more importantly saw Avengers vids using the songs that I became obsessed.

Awesome Captain America fan vid using Carry On:

Tony Stark - Terrible Privilege (fan vid using Some Nights):

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I've spent the last week or so up in the mountains happily bouncing from one friends house for a few days to the other friends. We are all family in the most important way, to me at least. We have also chosen each other for family. Our little clan is a bit unorthodox (mostly because we all believe in honesty and not dodging the hard questions. My niece is 17 and my nephew 13 and just fabulous beings. Such interesting people with fascinating questions and concerns. They want to understand all the things and it can be frustrating for them when we adults try to explain that there are some things that are rather hard to explain. These conversations are awesome.

So I may not have felt great this last week, but hanging out with my heart family has been a balm. It's just bee so nice to be here for a week, to have good conversations, and lounging around. The quiet bits of evening where we play on our individual tech before bed, and then the soothing sounds of critters quieting down for the night. The rooster will not be quiet for long, but he is not to hard to ignore. And the dogs and cats will settle in and quiet creeps through the house. Animals snuggle in with their humans, and all drift off to sleep eventually. It last til the cats start up world war III sometime near dawn or the doggy needs to go out, or I need to go to the bathroom. Blips of chaos in a quiet night, soon started and soon ended. Roll over and back to sleep. There is a balm about staying with family who have long since become your family, with people who you know care about you, and people who know you so incredibly well.

I have to back to my apartment tomorrow to deal with the stuff that needs doing before my D.C. trip. There is not too terribly much that needs to be thankfully so I was able to enjoy a bit more time with my heart family.

Something very fun for all the others who liked Avengers:

Agent Coulson, BAMF :D


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