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So I've mostly been resting, watching movies, and reading fanfic as I recover from moving and the latest antibiotic increase. Since it's also that lovely time of the month that comes with cramps and PMS I did not sleep well last night and was feeling kind of out of sorts this morning. However I knew I needed to go out and pick up a prescription refill. So I got dressed, poked my head out the door to determine if a light sweater was needed (it was) and headed off to the pharmacy, which is thankfully less than 10 minutes away by car.

I hadn't really explored the little shopping space that the pharmacy is in, other than noting a coffee shop that will be opening soon. So I was curiously looking around to see what other shops might be there when I spotted a sign shaped like an artist's palette. My brain immediately went "Art Store!?! Is there an art store so close to my house?!" So I checked my spoon levels and detoured over to take a look.

There is indeed an art store so very close to my house. And the offer classes! I can't afford to take classes all that often, but an occasional one here and there is a definite possibility. I checked out their up coming class list and decided to treat myself to the Journal Jam workshop which focuses on renewing creativity and expressing oneself in words and art. It's not til May 2nd, but I think that will give me a bit of time to settle in more too.


Apr. 20th, 2014 09:08 pm
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One of my co-workers is here temporarily from the Paris office (she's also related to one of the wonderful ladies I worked with in the Trial Consulting department during my internship). She has an art background and loves museums as much as I do. So we decided to meet up at the National Mall and spend the afternoon exploring museums. We focused mostly on the African Museum of Art (after we had lunch at the American Indian Museum), and saw a little bit of the Sackler Gallery as well. We are planning to meet up again next Sunday and focus on the Natural History Museum.

I'm going to go back and spend more time at the Sackler Gallery though, because they have some amazing Japanese wood block prints on exhibit right now.

I'm off to bed because I am absolutely exhausted.
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So last night's show was a huge success. Everything went relatively smoothly, there were no hecklers in the audience this year, and people seemed to both enjoy themselves and be moved by the show. I'm not sure a lot of folks notices the art exhibits in the back (there was no wall space, so we ended up laying things out on tables), but those who did notice and who connected the name with me gave me some lovely feedback.

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Feb. 13th, 2013 04:56 pm
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I am participating in this year's Vagina Monologues with our Women in the Law Society. I will be one of three women reading "In the Room" a poetic piece about witnessing birth. Our dress rehearsal is tonight, and the production is on Friday. I'm excited and a wee bit nervous as this is my first time participating in the production. It's not my first time on stage, or speaking in front of crowds, thankfully. So I'm more excited than nervous about this part.

What has me a bit nervous is that I have offered to curate a small exhibition of my own art and poetry to be displayed for the cocktail hour and during the production. I have seven poems that fit the theme, and have a handful of artwork to display as well (about five pieces). I am also taking part in a photo exhibit about survivors of domestic and sexual violence. This will be my first exhibit of my own work since my college years (ten years ago now). So this has me a little nervous. I am proud of my own work though, and think it fits into this project very well. So I'm going to take the chance and show it off.
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For those who may be interested I know have a deviantArt account set up and am slowly posting some of my art work over there.
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So it's been ages and ages since I really did any art beyond doodling in class notes and a handful of sketch attempts. I love art and creating things, but my perfectionism and self-critic has always been a hard thing for me to get around. Since I haven't done it much, I am out of practice, and tend to feel like the things I do manage are about kindergarten level. I miss art though. I miss the feel of charcoal/pencil/oil pastel on paper, on watching something develop from what almost seem like random lines, the delight of playing with colors and seeing what comes out. So today I sat down and worked on a small piece. It's an idea I've had for a while and is inspired by something I read on [personal profile] jjhunter's blog ages ago. I do not remember which post, but at some point the idea of a dream tree, which produces the seeds of dreams, was mentioned. I've been aching to try to draw this for ages. I pictured a slightly surreal looking tree with bright colors and strange flowers against a gorgeously dark sky, the seeds little balls of light floating on the air. I decided to play with my oil pastels and try to capture what I saw. I'm not entirely satisfied by the results. It is definitely kind of surreal, but feels like it isn't quite what it should be. However I am happy that I drew it, and that I enjoyed drawing it. I am doing my best not to let my inner critic destroy that joy.

Dream Tree (Pic under cut) )
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Last time djinni did a free icon day I finally got around to requesting an icon. I have long admired my dreamwidth friends who had icons from this very talented artist, but hadn't requested one. So I decided it was time and I requested one of myself listening to music (I provided a link to some reference photos). This lovely icon was waiting in my inbox today. :D


It is perfect. So I had to write a post just to show it off.


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