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One of my favorite movies is Sliding Doors, a late 90s romantic comedy that really falls into the speculative fiction realm. It's a movie about what-ifs, about the large impact small choices/events make on our lives. Mere seconds can change so much.

There are a lot of reasons I love this movie. I'm absolutely fascinated by the what-if scenario, which could explain my long love affair with fanfiction as it is the ultimate sandbox for what-ifs. The soundtrack is lovely and suits the movie quite well. John Hannah is absolutely adorable, and his Scottish accent just makes him more adorable. It's hilariously fun to watch Gwynneth Paltrow stop down stairs repeating "Bollocks to him." And the artistry of the movie is gorgeously streamlined. Lots of visual cues indicate to the viewer know which timeline is being shown. There are great moments where visuals are used to great effect to underline the whole question of the movie, but it is subtle enough that you don't always notice it at first.

This was a movie I rented on a whim back in the days of Blockbuster and VHS. It's one that I've re-watched fairly regularly since.

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I have a fondness for jazz singers, especially female jazz singers. Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Rosemary Clooney--I adore them and have several Pandora stations based on this love. Because of those Pandora stations I discovered a more recent jazz singer, Madeleine Peyroux. Her voice is a rich and sultry alto and I love the jazz and swing rhythms. Her music makes me think of outdoor cafes, Paris, evening outdoor galas accented with fairy lights, wine and good food, and dancing.

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So Fun. has become my current musical obsession, or at least their Some Nights album.

I enjoyed We Are Young but not so much that I had to go out and find out if the rest of the album was as good. It wasn't until I heard Some Nights and Carry On, and more importantly saw Avengers vids using the songs that I became obsessed.

Awesome Captain America fan vid using Carry On:

Tony Stark - Terrible Privilege (fan vid using Some Nights):

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My first introduction to Neil Gaiman was his book Neverwhere. My father had picked it up on a whim just before the two of us set off on a two day long train trip to attend a family reunion. Having never taken the train for a long trip this was a lovely adventure in and of itself, though sitting next to your father, who snores loud enough to wake up the folks in the back of the coach car, does not make for a good night's sleep. I don't remember what book I took with me on that trip, but I remember how much my dad enjoyed Neverwhere and consequently how much I enjoyed it on the trip back.

Once familiar with Mr. Gaiman's work, I eagerly sought his works out. I had the fabulous opportunity to read the Sandman series in it's entirety while housesitting for friends one summer. I devoured Coraline and Stardust. Sadly I have yet to read American Gods but have it on my kindle now and will be reading it over the summer (I have a very long to be read list and look forward to whittling it down over the summer). I love his short story collection and his young adult and children's books as much as I love his adult fare. The Graveyard Book was delightfully creepy (as most of his books are). Like my other favorite authors he weaves a well spun tale with all the fascinating elements of the universe (darkness, light, good, evil and everything in between). He has a wonderfully wry sense of humor as well, which is always something I enjoy.

He's also just a neat person, very happily a geek (and his episode of Dr. Who last season--The Doctor's Wife--was one of my all time favorites), and donates lots to charities, which makes me like him all the more. Not only is he someone whose works I adore, he is someone I would love to have over for coffee or dinner, someone who would be great fun to hang out with (as is his wife, the lovely and talented Amanda Palmer).

I shall end with a fun song, sung by Mr. Gaiman, written for the 8in8 project with his wife (the whole album is great btw):

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Below the Root is a seriously old school video game. It is not the first video game I remember playing, but it is one of my all time childhood favorites. It was released in 1984 by Windham Classics, a company that did several other very neat games based on books. The only other one I got to play was Alice in Wonderland, but that was another one of my childhood favorites.
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Since 100 Things I Love is a rather vague and broad topic, I decided to break it up into mini categories to make choosing individual post topics easier. I thought that perhaps folks might be interested in how the categories broke down. Things were chosen for each category in no particular order. I'll be cycling through the categories as I go. The numbers don't all break down evenly in fives or tens, but I get to the proper total of 100, which was all I was worried about. :D

Category I: Miscellaneous things (people, organizations, activities, etc) (The George Takei post was from this category) (16 posts overall)

Category II: Video Games/Games (9 posts overall)

Category III: Authors/Books/Series (15 posts overall)

Category IV: Graphic Novels/Webcomics (15 posts overall)

Category V: Movies (15 posts overall)

Category VI: Music (10 posts overall)

Category VII: Artists (visual) (10 posts overall)

Category VIII: TV Shows (10 posts overall)
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Today is George Takei's 75th birthday, and so it seemed fitting that I choose him as my first topic in my 100 Things I Love blogs.

George Takei is one of my personal heroes, and I adore him for many reasons. I grew up watching re-runs of Star Trek, and Sulu was always one of my favorite characters. George has always been kind and supportive of his Star Trek fans, which is not always a common thing celebrities. He is also witty and charming, and generally comes across as a nice guy. When George came out in the 1990s that it was ok to be gay (or Takei). ;)

His activism, sense of humor (if you are on facebook and don't follow either his personal page or the It's OK to be Takei page, you should---seriously funny stuff can be found there), and kindness are uplifting. His dedication to QUILTBAG rights, and his determination to share the story of Japanese-Americans who were interred during WWII, a story that is very personal to him as he was interred in these camps as a little boy, amaze and inspire me. For all these reasons, I love George Takei.

So Happy Birthday, George Takei! May you have many more fabulous years to come!

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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

It's a neat idea and will spur me to do more writing for fun. Will likely not take off fully til school is done, and finals are all turned in. I think that I will do 100 Things that I Love. Covers a multitude of topics and interests. This should be fun. :D


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