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Another doctor's appointment that is, am one step closer to surgery. Icon choice unrelated to contents of post, I just really like this icon. :)

So I had my trans-vaginal ultrasound today, and I am super thankful they prescribed me a dose of Valium for me to take an hour before the exam. Otherwise they'd still be pealing me off the ceiling. As it was, I was able to get through the exam without too much difficulty. It was pretty uncomfortable, but not unbearable. And the good news is that there were no red flags that came up. The only thing of note was a polyp on the uterus, but since that is coming out no matter what, it wasn't a huge concern. There was no blood flow from the polyp, and most polyps are benign. Everything else was relatively normal. The official pre-op appointment is next week and I've read over the very complete instructions/preparatory guide they gave me. Super happy making news: this was the last pelvic exam I will ever need to endure. Since they're taking everything but one ovary out I won't be at risk for any of the things that pelvic exams check for. ::happy dance::

As an added bonus I got to spend the whole day with my sister since she took me to the doctor this morning, and then hung out with me until she had to pick her husband up from the airport (they live about an hour away, so driving home and then coming back made absolutely no sense). So we had fun hanging out.

In less fun news my bar review materials have arrived. So I can start my studying. It is a necessary evil, but...yuck. I'm doing my best to think about the things I need to do (studying, house cleaning, laying in supplies for post-op recovery) in bite-sized chunks so as not to get too massively overwhelmed. But for the rest of the evening I'm going to relax and read fan-fic as today used up quite a few spoons.
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