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So I decided that there were definitely two things that will be vital for surgery recovery: a wedge pillow and a laptop tray for the bed. I remember needing to be propped up after my gallbladder surgery and I wedge pillow will help make that not only possible but comfortable. Since I don't own a tv, let alone have one in the bedroom, a laptop tray is vital for post surgery vegging.

I'll work with family members to figure out some easy meals that are low-yeast/low carb friendly for the first two weeks. And I have some comfy shorts, tanks and t-shirts that I can wear over those weeks.

So can folks think of other things that might be helpful or necessary to put in place before surgery?
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I am assuming you're not supposed to do any lifting. Is there someone who can help you carry trash out or things like that? Can you get groceries delivered, by a service or a friend?

(this is something I had trouble with when I was home by myself for two weeks)

If you're on heavy dose pain meds post-surgery, do you have folks around who can drive you if you need to go anywhere (or pick things up if you didn't get them in ahead of time)? Things like pharmacy runs as well. Do you have all the meds you need post-surgery in stock, including regular meds? Can you put them in the little med boxes so you don't have to think about it in a post-surgery haze?

If there are any special "washing with an incision" instructions, it can be helpful to have wipes or at least washcloths, and either an "easy" haircut or some ways to wash your hair in the sink (or just wrap it and keep it out of the way until you can wash it). Maybe some sort of pitcher near the sink?

Basically, in addition to "things needed to veg", are there any other activities of daily living that surgery might make difficult which you can plan out ahead of time as a present to your future self?

Date: 2015-09-03 08:28 pm (UTC)
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A heating pad might be nice if there is pain? Only thing I can think of.

Good luck!

Date: 2015-09-03 08:37 pm (UTC)
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You may want to go with nightshirts instead of shorts, or anything that could rub/put pressure on your sutures, for the first week, even if the surgery is done laparoscopically. I figured I could wear sweats the first week after my surgery, but I figured wrong. :-p

A small supply of sanitary pads (you may have some spotting the first few days after surgery).

If you don't already have a wedge pillow, the Foam Factory has decent prices and their pillows are well made (I bought my full body pillow from them). Also make certain that you've got a firm pillow to hug into your abdomen for when you sneeze, cough or laugh.

A large (24 oz or so) travel cup with a straw is great for keeping sufficient water at your bedside without worrying overly much about spillage if it gets tipped over. Good travel cups spill very little when knocked over, so long as they don't fall onto a hard surface and crack (I'm a klutz and have gone through a few of these).

A cosmetic bag, or something similar, to hold your medications to sit on your bedside table. Separate pill bottles are easily knocked off and you don't want to have to crawl on the floor to get them out from under things when they roll.

Don't laugh, but you might want to consider renting a walker from a medical supply shop for the first week or two if they wind up having to make a large incision in your abdominal wall. It will help you move around on your feet much easier than trying to have someone help steady you.

You've probably already thought of most of this, but it never hurts to put it out there to make sure. I hope they're able to manage your surgery laparoscopically, that everything goes textbook perfect and that you have a quick recovery that is as pain free as possible.

Date: 2015-09-03 10:44 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shanaqui
I don't know how you react to anaesthesia, but I required a lot of peppermint and ginger related things to deal with the nausea for the first 24 hours after my surgery.


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