Dec. 25th, 2015

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I took a break from studying for the Bar yesterday afternoon, and another this evening, to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I saw it by myself yesterday and really enjoyed it, so when my heart sister and nephew asked if I wanted to go see it this evening I said yes. It was, in my opinion, well worth the second viewing on a big screen.

So much fun. Reminded me so strongly of how I felt when I first watched A New Hope as a kid (and all the times I rewatched it throughout my life). After the movie we returned to my place for a bit of geeking out before they had to head home (it is a bit of a drive for them). But I'll be seeing them again tomorrow as we're going to have a family game day (fairly certain we're going to play Arkham Horror, which I've heard good things about).

Otherwise my life is largely consumed with studying for the Bar. I am pacing myself better than the first time I went through the process, which makes it less stressful. But I'm unlikely to be posting much for the next few months as studying takes up so many spoons.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful midwinter (or midsummer for my Southern hemisphere friends) holiday. <3


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