Jul. 12th, 2015

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My dear friend, [personal profile] lizcommotion, and her partner need some help. They're looking to movie out of their current situation, which is very stressful and unhealthy for both them and their two cats. The goal is to move to Boston. I've copied [personal profile] lizcommotion's post to explain in better detail what they need. Please feel free to signal boost.

As my partner has an unconventional work history and we're moving from far away, we think it would be easier for us to get an apartment (to share) and also for her to get work if she did so from within Boston.

Ergo, our plan is for her to go to Boston ahead of time (preferably the month of August) and temp/apartment-hunt. My partner is hoping to rent a room or a couch or a something for that month for approximately $400 so we can sock more into savings.

If you are a Boston person interested in such an arrangement (for even part of the month), or know someone who is, we would much rather work out something with a dreamwidth or fandom-associated person than sorting through Craigslist. That's step two, but y'know, Craigslist *can* be sketchy and it takes awhile to sort the wheat from the chaff.

FWIW, my partner is the "neat one" in our relationship, and she promises to clean up her sleeping stuff if it's in a common area and stay out of the apartment during the day if you need private time. She really just needs a safe spot to sleep, stash her stuff, and use the shower during her month-long temp-and-apartment-hunt thing. She's also a really nommy cook, if home-cooking is appealing to you.

You can reach me through DM or lizcommotion (at) gmail etc.

Signal boosts also appreciated. (And yes, I'm flagging RFM.)


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