Apr. 25th, 2015

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So the local Habitat ReStore was having a grand re-opening sale/event today. I decided to wander over to see if they had any good furniture (as I still have only a table, some temporary chairs, a bed and 2 standing lamps). I was in luck as they had lots of furniture in good condition. I finally settled on a comfy rocking chair (looks like a recliner but does not recline) that could have come from my grandmother's furniture collection (avacado-ish green floral), an elegant off-white sofa that also happened to be very comfortable and will be good for naps and guests, two oak or other light wood bedside tables, and a dresser. Not a bad haul at all. I wasn't able to bring them home just yet, as the sofa is too large to fit in most vehicles. I have arranged to rent a U-haul cargo van Wednesday afternoon and my heart-sister and nephew will come up and help me move the stuff. I will likely end up buying slip-covers for the couch and chair, but haven't decided yet. I will try to remember to post pictures when I have things set up. :)


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