Apr. 14th, 2015

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So I've mostly been resting, watching movies, and reading fanfic as I recover from moving and the latest antibiotic increase. Since it's also that lovely time of the month that comes with cramps and PMS I did not sleep well last night and was feeling kind of out of sorts this morning. However I knew I needed to go out and pick up a prescription refill. So I got dressed, poked my head out the door to determine if a light sweater was needed (it was) and headed off to the pharmacy, which is thankfully less than 10 minutes away by car.

I hadn't really explored the little shopping space that the pharmacy is in, other than noting a coffee shop that will be opening soon. So I was curiously looking around to see what other shops might be there when I spotted a sign shaped like an artist's palette. My brain immediately went "Art Store!?! Is there an art store so close to my house?!" So I checked my spoon levels and detoured over to take a look.

There is indeed an art store so very close to my house. And the offer classes! I can't afford to take classes all that often, but an occasional one here and there is a definite possibility. I checked out their up coming class list and decided to treat myself to the Journal Jam workshop which focuses on renewing creativity and expressing oneself in words and art. It's not til May 2nd, but I think that will give me a bit of time to settle in more too.
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Some of you may be familiar with [personal profile] paganaidd's fan-fiction, which is incredible and I highly recommend it all. She is an excellent writer and packs a lot of great stuff into her stories. I'm delight to say that she is also working on an original novel and has entered an excerpt of that novel in the Echos of Another World writing contest over on Inkitt.

In All the In Between Places is phenomenal. If you like things that meld modern times and events with myth, magic and the otherworldly, then please check this out. This is the review that I left on the story itself:

"Each of the little vignettes is potent and powerful, though that last one was the one that really punched me in the gut. A very good introduction to a world that is a bit more than it seems with tantalizing glimpses of how magic, gods, and other worldly creatures would interact with our modern world. A very solid start for a novel."

If you read it and enjoy it, please feel free to share it with others. Thank you.


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