Feb. 15th, 2015

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Windy just doesn't quite cut it in describing the current weather. Blasting winds might be a better term. These are the sorts of winds that do not howl around the house, but batter the house--a ceaseless buffeting that leaves no doubt why folk tales spoke of malevolent winds and wendigos. Add in the cutting cold that flowed from the walls with each blast, and it is not terribly surprising that sleep was difficult last night.

My bed is up against the outer wall (only place to really put it in the room I've got), and normally this does not bother me because I prefer a cold room when I sleep. Plus I have a nice toasty electric mattress pad (basically one giant heating pad), and that is a great way to get the sheets warm before climbing into bed. Normally I turn the heating pad off once I'm in bed, but last night I left it on very low for most of the night. I wrapped one of a super soft fleece blanket around my pillow as I usually sleep with a hand under the pillow and that hand kept getting cold (as did my nose). Having the fleece blanket over and around the pillow gave me nice warm nooks to tuck my hands, and kept my face a little warmer. I detest sleeping with things covering my head, so just sleeping under the covers doesn't work well for me.

I did get some sleep despite the cold and the wind, but it was a tense sort of night and I woke up feeling a little extra achy and sore today. Thankfully I have no intention of going anywhere today and plan on curling up with fanfiction and other forms of entertainment today.


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